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This web app shows you the location of every city-provided bicycle parking spot in Portland, Oregon. Most of the bike parking spots are the standard u-shaped staples, but there are some other types (that I swear I've never seen before...). The app is integrated with Google Maps, so you can search for parking near your destination, or destinations that are near parking.

Source is GPLv2.

Targeted demographic (who app is intended for): Bikers with smartphones and/or computers.

Specific need that is addressed by app: I don't know where there are bike parking facilities in the more obscure parts of the city. While I can always lock to signs, trees, and random pipes, that's not always appreciated by whomever owns the signs, trees, or pipes. Some businesses provide their own bike parking staples, though the ones that PDOT installs are harder to remove.

Anticipated usage (by whom, under what circumstances, etc): Impatient bicyclists looking for parking space, I imagine.

Who and what will be impacted by the app, and how: Well... instead of wasting time cycling around looking for parking staples, I can sort of imagine two scenarios: a) people who plan will go out with a plan of where they can park, etc., or b) people with smartphones will look it up whenever they get to where they're going. (Honestly I suspect (b) will be more common...)

How information is presented, that's not presented elsewhere; how it is unique: As far as I know, there aren't any good maps of the city-provided bike parking staples on the Internet, though I wouldn't doubt that OpenStreetMap wouldn't slurp it up quickly. :)

Strengths of the design: It's dead simple. Probably a little too simple. :)

GNU General Public License (GPL)
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