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Public Works

openMAINT is an open source solution for Property & Facility Management.

openMAINT is an application for the management of buildings, installations, movable assets and related maintaining activities.

openMAINT helps the managing authority to know, organize and update those data related to the asset inventory, in order to support their decision and operative procedures.

Affero GNU Public License
jgalloway :: June 7, 2014 - 9:37am

I'm a municipal employee and wanted to add this to CivicApps to help bridge a gap (I'm not actually an openMaint developer). Within many municipalities, the back-office software is Very different from the public-engagement software. And the back-office software is a dominant core. How does one manage a Water Treatment Plant? Ensure preventative maintenance across the City? (>50% of infrastructure problems are already known). And do all these activities, while keeping taxes as low as possible? Most of the software that actually runs Cities is closed-source and cannot be replaced strictly by public engagement software. However, there are SOME Open-Source products out there which can run Cities behind the scenes. This particular one resembles many of the core, essential, closed-source software products out there that keep Cities running (Cityworks, Hansen, Maximo etc). To truly revolutionize municipalites, we need an Open Source replacement right at the core. Then, public engagement can be tied directly into it. I'm not sure if OpenMaint is it, but they seem headed in the right direction.