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Discover restaurants in Portland and view the details of their latest inspection. Search for restaurants near you, near a specific address, or by using the interactive map.

Targeted demographic (business, resident, or both): 
Who and what will be impacted by the app, and how?: 
Consumers will have instant access to Portland restaurant inspection data.
What is the specific need that is addressed by the app?: 
There is no easy-to-use interface for accessing Portland's restaurant inspection data.
Anticipated usage of the app (by whom, under what circumstances, etc)?: 
Consumers searching for local restaurants.
How is information presented, that's not presented elsewhere; how is it unique?: 
Users may use their current location, an address, or an interactive map to search for local restaurants and drill down to details about their latest inspection.
Which, if any, community datasets are used?: 
PDX Restaurant Inspection data
MIT license