The Awards

What is the value of the awards?

Each “Blue Ribbon” winner receives $1000 cash. “Red Ribbon” or runners up awards and Discretionary awards are gift cards, store credits, or other certificates valued at $100.

What if I don’t win any category but still get the highest overall score?

An application may score highest overall across all criteria-based categories, but fail to score the highest in a single category. This application will be awarded a “blue ribbon” award for “Best Overall Score”.

Can I win more than one award?

Sure, multiple awards are allowed (and likely). “Civic Choice” and “Participant Choice” award winners are still eligible to receive any criteria-based judging panel awards. However, category winners cannot win more than one judged category. For example, an application could win “Civic Choice”, “Participant’s Choice”, as well as win in the “Most Original” judged category, and maybe even take home a judge’s Discretionary award.

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