The Ideas

What if another person submits an idea that is similar to mine?

The purpose of CivicApps Challenge is to identify great ideas and bring them to life. If an idea or app is selected that is similar to yours, and it succeeds, everybody wins. That's the spirit of this Challenge.

I already had the idea but somebody on your site stole it!

People can have ideas at the same time. We will accept the first idea submitted for consideration of prize awards. We suggest that you use your comments to help shape the idea. A well thought out idea has a much better chance to be realized.

Are you trying to steal my idea?

Not at all. The ideas phase of the Challenge is so that you can share your idea in a public forum. Let everyone know “this is my idea”. If you are a developer, please do enter your idea as an application. But if you don’t know how to turn your idea into action, let everyone know about it and hopefully a developer can make your vision a reality. Government is looking for partners; not to appropriate your idea for itself.

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