How will applications submitted to the Apps Challenge be evaluated?

A panel of judges will review all of the entries, and choose the finalists and winners according to the following criteria:

  • 25% Most Useful – Usefulness and utility to Citizens overall, or any particular demographic of users
  • 25% Most Appealing – Appeal of the application in terms of design and usability
  • 25% Most Original – Originality, uniqueness and inventive nature of the application
  • 25% Best Use of Data – Utilization of the various datasets

How does judging work?

Entries are judged in two phases – an Ideas phase and an Apps design phase encompassing two (2) separate rounds - with public voting along the way. In each phase, judging is different. In the ideas phase, the public votes and judges pick their favorite ideas. The Apps design phase across two (2) rounds involves a more rigorous evaluation of usefulness and utility to citizens, appeal of the application in terms of design and usability, originality, uniqueness and inventive nature of the application, and utilization of the various datasets.

Who are the judges?

The judges represent Portland’s diverse community, representing the design and developer communities, both on the business and government side. They graciously donated their time and deserve our thanks. You can find out more about the judges on the Judges page.

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