Are there licensing requirements for non-software content submitted?

All non-software creative content submitted - text, images or video - should be licensed under a Creative Commons or similar license.

What license is allowed for submitted applications?

All software application submissions must be licensed for Open Source. Any OSI approved licensing will be accepted. See for a listing of approved licensing schemes.

Am I giving up any rights by entering this Challenge?

All entries remain the property of their creators, in as much as open source allows. If you enter the Challenge, you should be prepared to have your application on display for up to a year, even if it doesn't win. You don’t have to have your name shown. Neither the Challenge team nor the organizations sponsoring it will ask for or claim ownership of anything submitted. The intention is to let other people see all the cool stuff that got created, share ideas, promote mashups, and hopefully inspire you to take it to the next level.

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