TriMet - Boundary

Category Transportation
Agency TriMet
Sub-Agency Developer Resources
Date Released October 20, 2010
Date Updated October 20, 2010
Frequency As needed

TriMet district boundary in shapefile format.

Agency Program TriMet / Developer Resources
Technical Documentation TriMet - Boundary (metadata)

State of Oregon - Boundaries

Category Geography
Agency State of Oregon
Sub-Agency Spatial Data Library
Date Released June 2, 2010
Date Updated June 2, 2010
Frequency As needed

Multiple datasets in shapefile format from the State of Oregon, including state-wide boundaries for School Districts, Legislative Senate and Congressional districts, Urban Growth, Parks, Counties, Cities, and City Annexations.

Agency Program Spatial Data Library

Metro Council Districts

Category Geography
Agency Metro
Sub-Agency DRC
Date Released January 1, 2001
Date Updated February 10, 2014
Frequency Quarterly

Six districts representing individual Metro council districts and constituency areas. Metro councilors are elected by their respective district every four years in nonpartisan races.

Agency Program Metro / DRC
Technical Documentation Metro Council Districts (metadata)
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