Street Trees

Category Community
Agency City of Portland
Sub-Agency Parks
Date Released October 4, 2013
Date Updated April 30, 2014
Frequency As needed

Street tree species and locations in Clackamas County, Multnomah County, and Washington County, Oregon.

Agency Program City of Portland / Parks
Technical Documentation Street Trees (metadata)

Boundaries - LID

Category Economic Development
Agency City of Portland
Sub-Agency Transportation
Date Released November 3, 2013
Date Updated March 21, 2014
Frequency As needed

This polygon feature class surrounds the benefiting properties within local improvement districts (LIDs) that have been formed by City Council since 2001. Most LIDs are for street improvements, but LIDs have also been formed for aerial tram, streetcar, water main and sanitary sewer improvements. "Completed" in the LID Status field refers to LIDs for which final assessment has been imposed by City Council; "Pending Completion" refers to LIDs which are in the design or construction phases, or which construction but not final assessment is complete

Agency Program City of Portland / Transportation
Technical Documentation Boundaries - LID (metadata)

State of Oregon - Boundaries

Category Geography
Agency State of Oregon
Sub-Agency Spatial Data Library
Date Released June 2, 2010
Date Updated June 2, 2010
Frequency As needed

Multiple datasets in shapefile format from the State of Oregon, including state-wide boundaries for School Districts, Legislative Senate and Congressional districts, Urban Growth, Parks, Counties, Cities, and City Annexations.

Agency Program Spatial Data Library
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