Zoning (region)

Category Geography
Agency Metro
Sub-Agency DRC
Date Released January 1, 1990
Date Updated February 10, 2014
Frequency Quarterly

Zoning designation boundaries from local zoning ordinances. Contains zones from local jurisdictions as well as broader categories for the entire Metro Region. Metro works with each jurisdiction and corrections were made by Metro where advised.

Agency Program Metro / DRC
Technical Documentation Zoning (region) (metadata)


Category Geography
Agency City of Portland
Sub-Agency Technology
Date Released January 1, 1996
Date Updated April 30, 2014
Frequency As needed

City of Portland Zoning/Comp Plan data. This is for the current adopted zoning only. When the zoning changes, a new dataset is uploaded reflecting the change. Includes 3 Shapefiles. One for Zoning area, one for Zoning Boundary lines and one for Zoning text.

Agency Program City of Portland / Technology
Technical Documentation Zoning (metadata)
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