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User category: Resident & Business

Description: Allow for personalized alert information to be received and displayed upon receipt or a recurring basis. Example alerts could be transit alerts, garbage day reminders, monthly water bill reminders, pay or file quarterly business license fees, local traffic, local weather, etc.

image of Alerts

Functional Requirements:
1. Display one or more alerts in effect at a given time to the
2. Display some sort of indication in the case of multiple
alerts (scroll through).
3. Allow users to “close” an alert, not to be displayed
again until the next trigger event or condition that
generated the alert.
4. Support the embedding of links within the alert for
more information or further actions.

1. Various data providers, including TriMet, City of
Portland, Tripcheck, NOAA, and others.
2. Conditional event handling, denoting “states” with
data providers for alert activation or deactivation.