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User category: Resident

Description: Allows government agencies to promote and residents to learn about public involvement opportunities, including both short-term and long-term roles for volunteer and/or other open positions on boards and commissions.

Functional Requirements:
1. Allow select City bureau personnel or other government agency personnel to post public service opportunities, as administrators.
2. Support a Posting Request webform used by others, to submit opportunity postings to administrators.
3. Allow administrators to publish or delete new and old listings, respectively.
4. Allow administrators to update existing posts.
5. Allow anonymous users to filter, sort or browse a list of title descriptions for available opportunities with links off to details per opportunity.
6. Support anonymous users to “apply” for a specific opportunity.
7. Authenticate users once they “apply” for an opportunity via embedded link or the like.

1. Coordination with specific City bureau administrators and/or other personnel from other agencies.
2. Calendar sources supporting iCalendar, RSS or Atom feeds for importing events.