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What if we could use our phones as a transit ticket? We can reduce the use of paper fare tickets or the need to have the exact change when purchasing at a ticket machine. While checking the transit schedule from our phone, we can purchase and access our e-fares directly the site. Using the barcode system, a scanner at the ticket gate or on public transportation can read the account code from the phone screen. This application can be use for other purposes, such as accessing library card accounts or making purchases at local businesses.

Carine Being :: July 19, 2010 - 12:02pm

Many municipalities have electronic fare collection systems, some which offer other agencies and even retailers co-use. I support the idea of a smart card, with reservations about "Big Brother". How much information do I want available about myself and to who? Additionally, I think having a card is better than a phone application. The ever-widening divide between technology have and not-haves is a concern for me as well. This is an interesting idea with significant implications for security, privacy, and equity to access that need be addressed in a broad form of civic discourse implementation.