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User category: Resident

Description: Display calendar event information based on aggregated calendars associated with a Resident’s interest categories.

image of Event Calendar

Functional Requirements:
1. Display upcoming events in order of occurrence.
2. Display “today”, “tomorrow” or nearest events by title,
date, and time.
3. Allow users to view a “full calendar” containing all
future scheduled events.
4. Allow users to view and configure which calendars
have been aggregated to their calendar.

1. Associating type of interests with calendar sources.
2. Calendar sources supporting iCalendar, RSS or
Atom feeds for importing events.

rogerimp :: February 17, 2012 - 3:56pm

There's already at least a few specialized calendars for various interests; where this app might be most useful is aiding discovery of these various events (I lived here a year before someone told me about Calagator!)