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This app would display a "Fun-Fact" a day. It would use the test results data of the local school district to determine what type if fact should be displayed. The intention of this app is to improve knowledge in weak subjects in geographic locations represented by school districts.

This app would use the positioning APIs of the device to get the current location of the user. It would then use that information to determine the current school district the user is in. It would take the school district information and query the appropriate datasets to get the latest test scores for that district. The app would determine the weakest subjects and display a "fun-fact" every day for those subjects. Using the new iPhone API we can use notifications to "push" a message to the user every day, notifying them that there is a new fun fact so they are reminded every day to check the app.

A typical use case: A user opens the app. The user is currently standing in a school district that has a C average in American History. The app will determine that the user is standing in a school district whose weakest subject is American History and pull down today's fun fact in American History, which might be some details about Abe Lincoln's life or something like that. It could also be possible for the fun fact to parallel the current curriculum; so if at the time the user accesses a fun fact, and the current school district they are located in is studying the Spanish American War, the fun fact would have something to do with the Spanish American War.

Essentially this would be a way for school districts to reinforce what they are teaching through an app that isn't tied directly to the school or the students. Parents could use the app to find educational topics to talk with their kids with, kids can use it on their phones, essentially anyone can use the app to enhance their knowledge. This could be a good alternative way to get knowledge to students - by raising the knowledge in the area they live and go to school in a fun and interesting way.

caseorganic :: October 11, 2010 - 7:51pm

Very interesting. Never even thought about this before!