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User category: Resident & Business

Description: Gives Residents and local business owners access to local news, aggregated from a number of sources, relevant to their stored preferences.

Functional Requirements:
1. News articles presented need to match up with user’s
selected preferences and user category (Resident versus
image of Local News Widget 2. One 825px full-width app and one 570px homepage
3. A mechanism to collect news articles from various
sources, including arbitrary feed specified by the
user (RSS/Atom).
 a. Data should include:
   i. Headline
   ii. Target URL
   iv. Source
   v. Abstract
   vi. Image, if available
   vii.GUID (global unique reference to the article)
 b. Potential future features:
   i. Collect full article text
   ii.Search and index mentioned place names to facilitate presentation.
4. A mechanism to display articles based on user’s preferences.
5. A mechanism to determine news article’s radial distance from user
6. Display clicked articles within CitySync frame, to facilitate sharing of content via twitter, facebook, forums.
7. Mechanism to check if article has been shared in local forums, and retrieve comments or comment count on posting.

1. Need to identify news sources. Potentials sources include:
 a. Custom Google News feeds
 b. InfoLiberator
 d. Neighborhood Notes
 e. User’s zip code or address