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User category: Business

Description: Gives registered Business users access to view new business license applications in their area and beyond.

image of Business Explorer

Functional Requirements:
1. Needs to pull new business
license application data via API
found at X?
2. Needs to set user location
as center of map.
3. Needs to display:
  a. Business Name
  b. Address
  c. NAICS code
  d. Need to translate to upper-
  level NAICS category for display,
  show full category on mouse-over?
  e. Date Added
  f. Corresponding point on map with business category icon.

1. Database to host business license application data
2. API to access the data.
3. Mechanism to auto-update the database from the source generating the CivicApps CSV.
4. Google Maps API
5. Business Category iconography
6. User’s zip code or address