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Public Safety

I was reading an article on katu regarding the public that has called in tips regarding the Missing Child Kyron. They are saying there is no visibility once the they called in tips.

The idea is simple. The tip gets called into an automated system. The user is given a login either from the tipline or in a followup automated email. This allows the tipsters a web resource to check the status of their tip. This would also allow another communication method between investigators and the tipster. Maybe all information was not provided, or some additional questions, or they have been playing phone tag. The login would only allow visibility into their personal tips, and also give verification if their tip was followed up on or even looked at.

Brad :: August 5, 2010 - 3:44pm

I think this is a great idea. Maybe the system could provide a verbal tracking number for the tip associated with the phone number that called the tip in. Then the tipster could call back at some point and check status. Optionally the system could send a text message to the tipster's phone (assuming mobile) with the tracking number and URL for status updates. "Push 3 if you would like to have a message sent to your phone with the tracking number"