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This mobile App will serve local citizens and tourists alike, and let them find out all they want to know about any public structure of the city. This App will improve awareness of the city by providing information at an expert level of knowledge.

This iphone/android App will be a consolidated App for all public structures of the city such as bridges, building, parks, trees, trails etc. It will identify the feature of interest using geolocate and compass. It will provide a single look-and-feel, with features such as overlaying details using the camera (as suggested in augmented portland idea).

For instance, if the user points the mobile device at a bridge, then by using geolocate and compass, the App will identify the bridge, and present its history, operating details, next opening schedule and statistics. It will also point the user to the wikipedia entry.

The contributor of this idea is the Oregon chapter of the Alumni association of Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT).