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User category: Resident & Business

Description: Promotes a cooperation model and “crowdfunding” of government sponsored projects with the community and/or corporate sponsors for funded projects that have incurred cost overruns and/or are limited in other ways that result in suspending the project indefinitely.

Alternatively, promote expansion type projects for small local businesses to target their neighborhood residents or clientele for funding their smaller projects (e.g., a take-out window, a new deck, etc).

Functional Requirements:
1. Create a supporting program to work with local government agencies and the community to identify cooperative opportunities for funding. Alternatively, create a program to identify funding opportunities in the case of small local businesses and their customers.
2. Solicit corporate sponsorships and/or public funding to “dollar match” or otherwise participate in the sharing of costs to augment the funding. No corporate logos are allowed on CitySync site, however.
3. For each candidate project, work closely with all stakeholders to accurately estimate the costs associated with completing the project.
4. For each project launched, make accessible online, sufficient information about the project with easy ways to “donate” to the funding target of the project by others via a secure webpage. This may be where corporate logos are best displayed.
5. Similar to the “KickStarter” model, once a project is launched, show “current” donations received relative to the target funding; and, ensure funds are held in a secured account and not dispersed unless the project target is met.
6. Refund all monies donated to their rightful donors should a project target not be met within a specified timeframe.

1. Qualified projects and successful negotiations and participation between the community, local government agencies and/or corporate sponsors.
2. Website supporting more information and secured transactions to a project-specific account.
3. Qualified accounts setup for online transactions (e.g., PayPal, others).
4. Successful criminal background check.