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A service providing info about when trains are crossing the roads would be useful for trains on the Eastside, especially on the tracks where they cut through (and block off) Produce Row.

Because, like most people have probably found out: Once you get off the Inner Eastside highway exit coming up from the South, you are trapped if there's a train. There is literally no way out: can't get back on the highway, and can't get out of that tiny sliver of Produce Row behind the tracks. I think the set up is actually dangerous; you must wait there, no matter what.

So if we could know in advance that there's a train there, we'd be able to take a different exit. Additional data, such as the length of the train, from which the expected end of crossing could be calculated, would be excellent, too.

Maybe the Port of Portland has this kind of data? I'd bet that this info is known well in advance.

rogerimp :: February 17, 2012 - 4:01pm

Yes. Pull in data for drawbridges being raised too and you've got a winner!