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SeeClickLike enables residents and visitors to share photos of things they like in their neighborhood, which will build a positive feeling and sense of pride within the community. SeeClickLike functions in a very similar way to SeeClickFix. However, SeeClickLike is about positive discoveries and feeling good about where you live.

Main navigation includes: Add a “Like,” find “Likes” near me, and log in/create profile. To add a Like, user takes a picture, names and describes it, places it on a map (done by mobile device's GPS). Other users can browse for Likes nearby, which are indicated with heart icons on a street map that also shows parks, bus stops, neighborhood boundaries, and comment, or click “I like it too.” Map icons get bigger when other users click “I like it too” for that photo, so the popular Likes stand out (voting). Include ability to flag inappropriate postings.

I have written the screen-by-screen user experience, and will provide IA, nav, wire frames, and specs for a team that wants to collaborate on SeeClickLike.

Carine Being :: July 19, 2010 - 12:29pm

I like this idea. Too often discussions about civic involvement focus on what doesn't work-focusing on what does work is awesome!