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User category: Resident & Business

Description: Create a section showing Residents local deals and shopping options, allowing display by radial distance and other criteria.

image of Shop Local

Functional Requirements:
1. Create a sidebar widget to display top three (3) or more local deals, based on (ordered, perhaps) both Interest Category selections and/or the user’s proximity to the location of the deals.
2. Create a full page widget offering an expanded view of the number of participating retailers.
3. Work with participating retailers in creating their respective graphics for each “local deal”; Link each to it’s respective information page specific to the item.
4. Provide “view all” link to display full collection of local deals to the user.
5. Provide supporting program necessary to build a network of retailers involved in the program.

1. Geocoded “local deals” to associate to user’s location.
2. Network of participating retailers.
3. Target webpages from each participating retailer to reflect the “local deal” offer or discount.

99miles :: August 12, 2013 - 10:33pm

I like the idea, but it seems there would need to be a benefit for people to embed this in their site (perhaps more than just knowing they're promoting local businesses). Any ideas?