Contribute > ideas > Use sidewalk data to improve Trimet walking directions


Google transit and displays routes for Trimet trips, including walking directions from one bus/MAX/streetcar stop to another. These walking directions are often not ideal for wheel chair users or parents with strollers because they need a curb with a ramp at every street corner.

Why not take the Pavement, Sidewalks, and Ground Slope data sets and use them to improve Trimet walking directions? The new "wheeled users walking directions" would route people over corners with ramped curbs, and avoid directing people up hills when a less steep route is available.

Ideally, the city of Portland could also use this data to decide where to put in new curbs. If bus stops are physically close, but wheeled user routing between them is much longer, the city could decide to put in a curb ramp to shorten the trip.