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If there would be a app that could be made for volunteer sos in the community. The PTA, Neighborhood association, big brothers and sisters, red cross, loaves and fishes (just to name a few) would have an app for signaling if there is more need than normal. Community members and volunteers could look at the app and see what is happening in the local neighborhoods. It could list all the neighborhood meetings for the area and city and school board meetings. It could be a general calendar for the local area. It should be the meeting date and times should be able to be added to the popular calendars mac and other so the information can get down loaded so more people are aware of what is happening in the local area and therefore hopefully get more attendance and volunteers. A app to help the busy people be able to organize and calendar what is going on in the local community. If the bus line is down in your area in a snow storm then it could also go on this local community app notice. Traffic construction detours could also go on there. This would hopefully get more people involved if they know a park clean up or other is taking place. It would be nice if this app would allow like facebook to get comments added to it to get people in touch with one another for the events. It could also have crime warnings on it so people are more in touch with say locking car or home or looking for wanted criminals, amber alerts.

chloe :: August 13, 2010 - 11:25pm

Volunteering is the best way that we can in order to help others and ourselves as well. Activities in our community are for our own benefit anyway. One of the common activity in most communities is about saving our nature. Well, protecting the earth is one of the obligations of every individual. The Creator has given us the freedom to experience the abundance of our nature. We are so much benefited of the natural resources we get anywhere. And as a return, we should nurture everything that we have because it's for our own sake anyway.