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User category: Resident

Description: Give Residents an easy way to access performance statistics as well as news and calendar information for schools in the Portland school district.

image of Local School data

Functional Requirements:
1. User needs to be able to select
a school from local options,
or enter a school name.
2. Needs to display “overview” of
school information:
  a. School name
  b. Street address
  c. Phone number
  d. Website URL
  e. Overall Statistics
   i. Student Population
   ii.Average Attendance
   iii. Number of Teachers
   iv. Oregon Report Card Rating
   v. Federal AYP Rating
3. Needs to display School News RSS feed with links to articles.
4. Needs to display Event Calendar.
5. Needs mechanism to allow user to brows and/or expand view of dataset.

1. Database of the Oregon Board of Education data somewhere if not already available.
2. API to access data.
3. Using bluff.js to generate graphs - should be good for production.