Introducing New Features to

Based on your feedback, with much gratitude, we've made some important changes to the site. Some obvious and others not; changes that better facilitate the user experience and contributions to the site. Some of the more visible changes include:

  — Comment Notifications which have been enabled by default for all registered users. Whenever someone adds a new comment or reply to an existing thread, previous contributors to that same page or thread will now receive an email notification advising them of the new entry. Please see below to alter the default behavior of this feature.

  — Most Recent Activity blocks have been added to the Homepage, and landing pages for Ideas and Apps. These reveal which datasets, ideas, and apps have received the latest updates or comments to help alert you to the latest discussions added to the site.

  — Relocated and colorized buttons for "Add Your Own…" ideas and apps, providing better visibility and layout for laptops.

Please be advised Comment Notifications have been enabled by default across the site. If you would like to alter or disable this feature, please do so via your user account page. Each user has control over the notifications that they would like to receive, either globally or on a post-by-post basis. Once you've accessed your user account, click the "Edit" tab, and configure your comment notification settings, as follows:

  * Checkbox: check/uncheck the "Receive node follow-up notification e-mails" checkbox to enable/disable notifications for existing or future pages ("nodes") you create (submissions to ideas or apps).

  * Dropdown: "Replies to my comment" indicates you will receive notifications to your comments, UNLESS you uncheck the notification checkbox on a post-by-post basis to the individual comments you add. Select "No notifications" to disable all notifications.

If you have any questions or need support in changing the default settings, please Contact us for help.