Announcement: CivicApps Challenge Dates Extended

Dear CivicApps Participant --

In an effort to allow more time for effective public participation on the site, the Administrative team for CivicApps has extended the deadlines surrounding the contest by 5 weeks to promote greater public contribution to the site. This extension will also allow us more time to augment and/or update the datasets as well.

The new dates for deadlines are as follows:

** Ideas Challenge -- May 31st
** Apps Challenge (round 1) -- July 5th
** Apps Challenge (round 2) -- August 17th

This extension also has an effect on the rescheduling of our CiviCode Day event, previously scheduled for May 1st. With the extended timeframe, our CiviCode Day (and other supportive events) will align much better with Open Source Bridge and OSCON. More information to come when determined in this regard.

Thanks for your support and let us know if you have any questions/concerns via the Contact form.

Thanks, The CivicApps Team